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Our Team

Pieter Wonder

Owner / Pharmacist

Pieter Wonder is the Owner and Head Pharmacist at Hagersville Pharmasave, having purchased the store from this former employer in 1991. No stranger to the Hagersville community, Pieter first began working in the store as Pharmacist in 1983, a position he continues and loves to this day. He prides himself on getting to serve the 'children of the children' he first served when starting at the store! Pieter also quotes the staff as being one of the proudest aspects of his pharmacy. "Everyone is quality," he says, "absolutely exceptional people, who really, really love the customers that come into the store." 

Pieter is a University of Toronto Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy graduate, from 1976. He loves to golf, and as time permits, travel. You can also see him getting his hands dirty in the garden in the warmer weather. 



A Bachelor of Pharmacy graduate from the University of Toronto, Giana joined the Hagersville Pharmasave team in October of 2012 as Pharmacist. She's already settled right in with both patients and staff alike, making the store an "awesome work environment" for everyone involved.
Among her love of outdoor activities like skiing, baseball, and volleyball, Giana also enjoys immersing herself in a good book.

Come by the pharmacy, and let Giana assist you to LIVE WELL!



Janie is another long time valued staff member of Hagersville Pharmasave, having worked as a Pharmacist since 1991. She's quick to respond how great her fellow staff members are - deeply respectful of each other, making the atmosphere of the pharmacy a wonderful place to work. She also finds the friendly customers a joy to serve, and enjoys getting to know each person by name. 

Janie earned her Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Toronto in 1985. An avid motorcyclist, you may see Janie 'touring' southern Ontario on her Yamaha 950. 


Head Dispensary Assistant / Compliance Packaging

Always with a smile on her face and an addictive laugh, Joanne is Hagersville Pharmasave's Head Dispensary Assistant and Compliance Packager. She's one of the pharmacies original staff members, dedicated to the store since 1987. As proclaimed by her fellow staff members, Joanne is the very definition of a people person - she LOVES the customers, many of whom come to the store just to talk with her.

Joanne graduated from the Mohawk College Pharmacy Technician program. When not at the pharmacy, she enjoys walking, biking, and in her words, 'talking'... which she claims is definitely a hobby!


Dispensary Assistant

Janice joined the Hagersville Pharmasave team as a Dispensary Assistant in the fall of 2010. "It's easy to say how great your co-workers are, but our friendships go way past our working hours – we always look forward to spending time with each other, even outside of the store," says Janice. From walking, seeing movies, to the 'Book Club', these ladies extend their fun loving working relationships in many directions. Janice finds the same joy with many of the great customers that frequent the store, making her job very much an extension of her own family!


Front Store Manager

Sharon is the Front Store Manager for Hagersville Pharmasave, and first began as a cashier in 1992. With her fine eye for detail, and personal care for customers, Sharon became the obvious and perfect choice for the Front Store Manager role. She loves the variety the job brings, and always looks forward to the next challenge just around the corner!  Sharon is a trained  Certified Fitter for Sigvaris Stockings.

Sharon is also part of the 'book club', loves to cycle, and spends as much time with her grandchildren as she can.  


Customer Service Team

Sandy is a warm and welcoming member of the Customer Service Team at Hagersville Pharmasave, and has been with the pharmacy since September of 2012. She's lived in Hagersville all her life, and knows almost all the customers by first name, in and out of the store! She credits the small town feel of the store for why it's so friendly and can't say enough about her fellow staff members - always making it so much fun to work each day. 

A Medical Secretary graduate from Mohawk College, she's had extensive hospital experience in Human Resources and in the pharmacy, making Sandy the perfect person to ask if you have any questions in the store.