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About Us

Pharmacy TeamMiss those times when your pharmacist knew you by name? Ready to come home to place where you're remembered and cared for? Welcome to Hagersville Pharmasave. Owned by long time Pharmacist Pieter Wonder since 1991, his warm and friendly staff are here and ready to help you LIVE WELL.

Pieter first purchased the pharmacy from his former employer in 1991. In the winter of 1994, the store was relocated to its current location on the Hagersville Main Street, with its Grand Opening on the first day of Spring, March 21st. Historically, it's one of the first 3 Pharmasave stores ever opened in Ontario, leading the way for the now over 160 stores in this province alone.

Continuing as a pioneer, Pieter faithfully serves the diverse Hagersville and surrounding communities with a focus on both Pharmacy and Home Health Care. Over time, he and his pharmacists have built excellent relationships with many of the local doctors, translating into increased personal care and attention for his customers. He prides himself on taking care of the 'children of the children' he first served when starting at the store! Pieter also quotes the staff as being one of the proudest aspects of his pharmacy. "Everyone is quality," he says, "absolutely exceptional people, who really, really love the customers that come into the store." The staff, many having worked at this location for over 20 years, are also noted for their friendships that extend beyond the working hours of the store. Along with the 'Book Club' started by the many avid readers, they also enjoy walks together, and seeing movies. You can understand why so many customers easily feel at home here, and know it's more than just a business - Hagersville Pharmasave feels like a family of people who care for each other, and their customers.

And more than just a pharmacy, there is a wide variety of Home Health Care products, giftware, home decor, greeting cards, and more. Come by and see the many products and services we have to offer.


Beyond the customers and serving the community, Hagersville Pharmasave is also a proud sponsor of the Hagersville Food Bank, and various local teams including hockey, soccer, and baseball. 

We look forward to seeing you!